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Dubitskaya Natallia Mikalayeuna. Studies of the Monuments of the Iron Age and Early Middle Age in the Lower Biarezina River Basin.
The article is about the results of the research into archaeological monuments in the region during the last decades. Excavations were carried out near the settlements of  Prudok and Dražnia in Svietlahorski Rajon and Adruby in Žlobinski Rajon of Homielskaja Voblasc. The materials received shed light on the history of the population in the Lower Biarezina basin in the second half of 1000 BC – 1000 DC.
Marfina Volha Uladzimirauna. Paleoanthropological Finds – an Important Source of Historical Information about Ancient Human Populations.
Researches of national and foreign anthropologists provided convincing proof that skeletal remains of man obtained as s result of excavations can provide valuable source of information to help clarify the issues of the origin of ancient population, as well as the conditions of its existence. Paleoanthropological data prove historical conditionality of the formation of anthropological composition of ancient human populations and clarify a number of biological characteristics and unique paleodemographic processes during different historical periods including ecological (natural and social) changes. They describe the main methods of paleoanthropological researches, the use of which made it possible to characterise territorial and chronological change of anthropological composition of the population on the territory of Belarus.
Rassadzin Siarhej Yauhenavich. On Written Sources about the Historical Beginning of Modern Svietlahorsk.
The origin of the town of Svietlahorsk was considered to be relatively recent. However it turned out that actually in 1961 a change of the name rather than the origin took place. Former Šacilki, now Svetlahorsk, appeared much earlier. Even false data were published referring it to the XII century. Archaeological excavations indicate the XIII century, though the written sources mention this settlement since the XVI century.
Masliukou Telman Viktaravich. Issues of Catholic Church Chronology on Lower Biarezina.
The article clarifies the data about the foundation of catholic churches in the XVII century as a result of Babruisk Residence of the Society of Jesus activity. It gives some information from the XVIII – XIX centuries, which was very little known and not published previously. By comparing archaeological results and cartographic work of Belarusian historians a role of Šatsilavičy (now Svietlahorsk) is put forward as a bordering settlement in the XIII – XIV centuries on the border line of Miensk Principality and Great Principality of Lithuania (GPL) with the territory of the Horde.
Bolbas Vadzim Ivanavich. Military Events on the Territory of Svietlahorsk District in the Middle of the XVII Century.
The article contains information about military events and GPL troop movements on the territory of the modern Svietlahorsk District in the middle of the XVII century. The main sources of information were the works of contemporary Polish historians, published in the magazine «Arche Pachatak» in 2008.The author shows correlation between the data from Polish research and the history of the former town of Kazimir in Babruisk Starastva (ward).
Ramantsou Viktar Anatolievich. Aliaksandr Shymanouski – Ethnographer from Černin (to his 160 anniversary).
The article is dedicated to the Belarusian ethnographer A. N. Shymanouski (1850 – 1980), born in the village of Černin, now Svietlahorski Rajon of Homielskaja Voblasc. He is the author of the folklore compilation «Minskaja Gubiernia and its Folklore. Describing Folk Festivals and Rites» (1898, manuscript in the Russian Geographical Society Archives, St. Petersburg) and the book «1799 – 1899. A. S. Pushkin. His Stay in Chişinău in Relation to Previous and Later Life», Chişinău (Kishynyou), 1900. For the first time the author analysed the introduction to the folklore compilation, in which Shymanouski had expressed his attitude towards the Belarusian language and culture in the times of political Russification carried out by the Russian Empire on the Belarusian lands.
Petuhou Aliaksandr Vasilievich. Paryčy Region Based on the Pushchins Family Archives in IRLI RAS: On the History of the Archive.
The article is about the documents on Paryčy region (now Svietlahorski Rajon of Homielskaja Voblasc) from the private archives of the Pushchins in the Manuscript Department of the Institute of Russian Literature (the Pushkin House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They reflect the activity of some representatives of this family in regional and state politics within the Russian Empire, their activity in the foundation of local educational establishments.
Ramantsou Viktar Anatolievich. The Loss of the Ship Vinnitsa – Classic Military Style Tragedy.
The article presents previously unknown facts about the loss of the Patrol Ship Vinnitsa of the Biarezina Detachment of Pinsk Flotilla on 13 July 1941. The ship was sunk in Parycki Rajon (now Svietlahorski Rajon of Homielskaja Voblasc) due to the negligence of the battalion commander of the Red Army.
Voinava Alena Mikalayeuna; Paluyan Alena Mikalayeuna. Culinary Traditions of Svetlahorsk District.
The article is about «culinary nominations» (recipes) found on the territory of Svetlahorsk District. They are thematically arranged; their ethnographic information is related to the traditions and peculiarities of the cuisine in this area.
Translation was proofread by T. I. Zhukouskaya
in cooperation with M. G. Farley and R. A. Wills (UK).

Belarusian geographical names

Belarusian Latin transliteration     PCGN/BGN     Belarusian Latin transliteration    PCGN/BGN
Adruby    Adruby    Minskaja Gubiernia    Minsk Province
Babrujsk    Babruysk    Paryčy    Parychy
Babrujskaje Starastva    Babruysk Eldership    Parycki Rajon    Parychy District
Biarezina    Byarezina    Prudok    Prudok
Černin    Chernin    Šacilavičy    Shatsilavichy
Dražnia    Drazhnya    Šacilki    Shatsilki
Homielskaja Voblasc     Homyel’ Region    Svietlahorsk    Svyetlahorsk
Kazimir    Kazimir    Svietlahorski Rajon    Svyetlahorsk District
Miensk, now Minsk    Myensk, now Minsk    Žlobinski Rajon    Zhlobin District